We operate and grow businesses for the long-term.

Egan Legacy Partners

A Family Investment Company

Our Philosophy

Egan Legacy Partners is a family business. As a part of a family office that has deep entrepreneurial roots, we understand the unique relationship that a business owner has with the company he or she has built. We appreciate that when it comes time to sell, you need to find a partner who will nurture and sustain your business the same way you have. Egan Legacy Partners is that partner.

We look to purchase, own, and operate businesses that have a history of strong sales, enduring profitability, and continued future growth potential. We look for businesses that we can guide along a path of continued success and operate for the long term. We don’t use financial engineering to complete our deals; instead relying on sustained reinvestment enabled by minimal debt to continue to grow the business.

Our unique position as part of a well-capitalized family office enables us to leverage our highly experienced team. We can evaluate, fund, and close a deal quickly without financing contingencies, guaranteeing that when we make an offer on a business, we have the people and capital resources available to ensure that a our offer will close.

Our beliefs include

  • Respecting and maintaining the legacy of your business
  • Cultivating employees and promoting from within
  • Improving efficiency through best practices and deep expertise
  • Growth through sustained reinvestment

Investment criteria

Headquartered in the United States of America

We work exclusively with American companies, and search throughout the United States to find strong businesses with top notch owners

Stable sales and profitability

We look for businesses that have a history of strong revenues and profitability, especially through market cycles and recessions

Growth industries

Our goal is to continue to grow businesses and therefore seek companies that are in growing markets and industries

Strong track record

We prize strong customer relationships, robust fundamentals, and a team of excellent employees

Meet the Team

Max Egan

Founder, Managing Partner

Max holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Duke University. Before founding Egan Legacy Partners, he worked across the spectrum in terms of company size, industry, and role.

Max started his career in investment banking with J.P. Morgan’s Technology group where he focused on evaluating, funding, and supporting large technology companies on acquisitions and capital raising. After his role at J.P. Morgan, he joined a small startup in Boston, The Finally Light Bulb Company, as their Director of Product management where he guided product development from R&D to Production; eventually being promoted to Vice President of Product, where he was responsible for Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Sales Operations. In his experience at Finally, his role spanned from head office to the factory floor, where he led manufacturing from the line and gained invaluable experience in process control and quality.

Max has spent time evaluating companies from behind a desk, and building product on a factory floor. He respects the broad range of skills that a business owner must have to effectively run his or her business and looks forward to working with you to ensure a smooth transition and continued growth for your company.

Jack Egan


Jack Egan brings his decades of experience in early-stage investments, storage, data protection, and enterprise infrastructure to Egan Legacy Partners.

Jack was an early employee and long-time executive at EMC Corporation. Jack led EMC’s sales team as Executive Vice President during a period in which annual revenue increased from $30 million to $3 billion.

Jack was a Board Member at EMC starting in 1992 and a Board Member at VMware starting in 2007 and was the Chairman of the M&A Committees at both EMC and VMware until the 2016 sale of EMC to Dell for $67 billion.

Amanda Egan

Managing Partner

Amanda is a Managing Partner who brings product management and digital marketing experience to Egan Legacy Partners.

Amanda started her career at Pivotal Software in 2014 where she was focused on marketing automation and project management, which included migrating the entire marketing website to a modern language and operating system.

Amanda joined the social media advertising startup Adaptly in 2017 as a Product Manager. Amanda led the Integrations team, which maintained integrations and strategic partnerships with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat while also guiding new integrations. Under her leadership, Amanda’s team rebuilt the entire application’s navigation system and released over 170 new features. Adaptly was acquired by Accenture in December of 2018.

Amanda graduated with Distinction in her major from Duke University. She holds a BA in English and a Certificate of Policy Journalism and Media Studies.

Get in Touch

Please get in touch. We are excited to speak with anyone who may have a business that fits our investment criteria, or who would like to discuss. Please fill out the form here, or contact us directly by our email or physical addresses below


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